Located in Hampton Bays, Long Island, Robert Moore Visual Services provides museum-quality pigment prints and fine art giclee prints, as well as retouching, photography and website design for artists, photographers, and businesses looking for one-on-one attention to their creative needs. No longer do you have to travel to NYC to achieve this level of expertise and service. Robert Moore Visual Services has brought these services to Long Island's East End to address the needs of the community he now calls home.

Robert brings over 25 years of creative and technical experience working with US and international corporations, as well as his fine art skills into the collaborative process in order to achieve unique and satisfying results for his clients. Robert is foremost a visual artist, and is able to readily understand a client’s creative expectations and translate them through technical mastery and creative insight. In addition to conventional services, encaustic wax printmaking is offered to visual artists wishing to render their prints into handmade, one-of-a-kind works. 

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